Therapists at Community Therapy Services are credentialed by the Illinois Early Intervention (EI) Program to evaluate and provide occupational, physical, and speech therapy services.

The Illinois Early Intervention program provides services to help children learn, develop, and grow during their first three years of life. It is targeted at children from birth to three years of age who have disabilities or developmental delays, or who could be at risk for developmental delays.

Our therapists share Early Intervention’s primary goal – to support families in promoting their child’s optimal development and to facilitate the child’s participation in family and community activities.

If your child receives services through Early Intervention and you need to make a change, or if you are planning to begin services through Early Intervention for your child – don’t hesitate to contact CTS!  We’d love to help, and have EI-certified therapists on staff who are able to meet your scheduling needs for both evaluations and ongoing therapy.