Working together

Our therapists – licensed physical, occupational, and speech/language therapists – work together as an integrated team. They consult with each other frequently from the start to make sure their treatment strategies build upon each other’s therapeutic knowledge and strengths so that every child gets the most out of their visits to CTS. We also work with each family to make them central to the treatment process – you are the stars that will help your child shine! Parents, siblings, and caregivers can all take part in treatment, at our center or at home. We’ll show you how to make the exercises part of family fun – and how important your encouragement and participation are to your child’s progress.

to achieve the best

At CTS, we want the best for your child! Every child has potential that can be developed to its fullest extent. Unlocking that potential and helping your child be who he or she wants to be is our goal here at CTS. As your child progresses through therapy and begins to thrive with new skills and confidence, your child’s life and the life of your family will change significantly.

for your child

Your child is uniquely himself or herself. We celebrate that uniqueness, and we tailor our therapies to your child’s particular strengths, challenges, and capacities, while making them fun and engaging for the whole family.