Sue is one of my first mentors! She’s amazing with her families and a gift to the practice of OT.

Jeanni Bonine

Love Sue! She is one of the best OT’s I have ever worked with!

Rebecca Harper Randolph

I would like to take the opportunity to thank CTS for making a positive difference in so many lives, including my own.  We are extremely appreciative.

Kelly G.

My kids and I just love everyone at CTS! Always smiling and always interested in what the kids have to say. They always take the time to chat with the kids and make them feel important.

Sabine Cilar Falco

My son doesn’t seek comfort from anyone but me (mom) usually, but I watched him walk up to Kerry & give her a hug one day with no prompting.  Their rapport is better than with any other therapist he’s seen.

M. Jenkins

My son looks forward to his sessions with Kerry.  She is great at her job.  I see such an improvement in my son’s speech because of his sessions with her.

Amy Harmon

Melanie really has been great for my son.  In the year we’ve been working with her, he’s come so far with his goals, has needed new goals when he surpasses those, and she created a social group for him.  It’s been wonderful.  She helps him excel and push his limits to reach what he’s truly capable of accomplishing.

Rhonda Yegge

Jody is extremely patient, professional, respectful, and knowledgeable.   She has developed a great rapport with us.  Our daughter has made great progress since she started seeing Jody.

Lisa Dugger

Thank you, Melanie for working so hard with our daughter to help her catch up for the school year!! We will continue to bring our daughter throughout the year to help her improve her skills! Thank you!!

Sarah Ely

Melanie is a wonderful speech therapist.  She has helped my son reach many of his goals and makes new goals for him. Most impressive is their connection, my son is very responsive to her. She is a great educator and advocate for my son and our family. I know my son has accomplished so much in his overall development because of Melanie. In addition what a great group leader, my son was successful in her Lego group. Thank you Melanie, you are the best. Ms. Brenda greets us every time with great warmth. We love these ladies.

Martha Cabral

I have great respect for Trish as a therapist.


Angie Carter, BC-MT

Marissa has gone above and beyond.  The students and staff LOVE working with Marissa.  Her positive attitude and knowledge have brought a lot to our program.  She is a very valuable part of our team.


Classroom Teacher, CORE Academy

Marissa is a wonderful OT!  She does great with building relationships with her students.

Lauren Whittaker, Special Education Teacher

Marissa is student centered and always willing to collaborate with co-workers to meet the needs of her students.  She is a dedicated employee who looks for the best in all situations.

Megan Ward, MSW

It is a pleasure working with Emily.  She is truly the best therapist I have ever worked with in my 28 years of teaching.


Miss Katie, Prairie View Elementary

We love Lauren!  She is wonderful to be around and is very knowledgeable in what she does.  My son has made a lot of progress in a few short months.  We hare lucky to have her!


Kari Christenson

Amanda Wallace is very caring, and thinks outside the box with considerate ideas for improvement beyond just speech.  She’s very bright, and very thorough. In short, she’s awesome. We couldn’t be happier with everything she’s done for our son.

CJ Morgan

I have worked with many SLPs for the past 20+ years – Anna is resourceful, diligent and makes the workplace a fun place to be.


Tim Trojanowski, MSW

Elizabeth is a great addition to the team! She thinks fast in therapy sessions and makes progress toward goals fun for students. She is knowledgeable and a joy to work with.

Joanna Rozier, MOTR/L

Victoria is a blessing to have at our school.  She will spend extra time with parents and students. She is always helpful and flexible and develops good relationships with everyone.

Mike Puttin, Holy Cross School

Jeanette has such a positive approach with the students and is very good at making connections. Jeanette exceeds any speech therapies that my students have received in the past. You can tell she really loves what she does.

Leanne Wadman, Classroom Teacher

Kaite is: personable, sociable, not afraid to take initiative, very compassionate towards students and staff, always goes out of her way to help.  Everyone absolutely loves her.

Seham Ahmed, CCC-SLP/L

Monica demonstrates a high level of professionalism, close attention to detail, and a genuine desire to help struggling students.

Yvonne Morrongiello, MSW, LCSW

We absolutely love Miss Emily! She has truly been an asset to my son’s improved language! She has given him/us a multitude of different strategies to improve his speech. And is a caring ear to help me as well through this process.

Katie Lullie

Anna is wonderful! I truly am beyond grateful for all the ways I have seen Jack improve during his time working with CTS and Anna.

Lisa Crowe

Amanda Wallace is remarkably knowledgeable and is able to suggest ways to reach my students that I never thought of. She is incredible. If I could clone her I would.

David Cummins, MAT

Anna is a great asset to our team. She demonstrates extensive knowledge about technology and trains teams on the best practices when working with students with communication devices. She has truly become a valuable member of our team.

Rebecca H., School Administrator

It is an honor to work with Anna. I have been a clinical social worker in a school setting for many years. In working with Anna, I feel I learn something new every day from her.

Suzanne McLesse, M.A., L.C.S.W.

I feel like I hit the jackpot with the BEST therapist out there for my son with Jeanette! I also feel like she is helping me understand what Apraxia is all about!

Katie Sparkes

When we first started seeing Renita my son wasn’t even crawling correctly. Today he is running and jumping and we couldn’t be happier with his progress. Renita really seems to care if my son succeeds, and he just loves her.

Lisa Escobedo
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