Fine Motor Skills

When we say your child needs to work with us on his or her fine motor skills, we mean the smaller (fine) muscle (motor) skills that allow a person to use their hands, such as reaching, grasping, carrying, and letting go – or more complex fine motor skills such as manipulating several objects in one hand or handwriting. The opposite of fine motor skills is gross (large, general) motor skills, such as walking or turning over.

Problems of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, muscles, joints, and visual system can affect fine motor skills. Children develop fine motor skills as they grow and transition through developmental milestones, by observing adults and other children, practicing, and being taught.

Fine motor skills develop when children have:

  • Awareness and planning
  • Coordination
  • Muscle strength
  • Normal sensation

How can I help my child’s fine motor skills?

Here at CTS, our occupational therapist can work on developing grasp patterns, separating the two sides of the hand, strength, in-hand manipulation, and refined finger use to enable your child to use their hands for functional skills.