Any kind of therapy goes better when the family is involved. We want you on the team!

We bring parents and caregivers into the therapy routine, teaching them a way to play with their child at home that will help the child progress even faster toward therapy goals. Brothers and sisters may want to learn too, for a fun and powerful family experience of working together.

CTS therapists work with both children and their families to help the child reach his or her maximum ability, function independently, and actively participate in home, school, and community.

Families often support each other, too. We have launched several parent support groups over the years. Some of these groups have spun off to a life of their own and some groups have stayed aligned to their original mission. Some examples of longstanding groups are “Tech Talk,” a support group for parents of children who primarily use technology for communication, and “Grandparents’ Breakfasts” for grandparents who are helping to raise a grandchild who is a unique learner.

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