Melanie Gayton, a Mill Creek resident since 2001, knows she is lucky. She landed the job of her dreams practicing in a field that she loves. Melanie works at Community Therapy Services on LaFox Road in St. Charles. Community Therapy Services (CTS) is a private pediatric clinic that provides services to infants, children, teens and young adults that have speech and language, occupational and physical therapy needs.
     Melanie is a Speech Language Pathologist. She initially began her career working with adults, but realized once she had children of her own that she had a new passion for working with pediatrics. She was able to quit the job she had at the time, and stay home with her children due to the medical needs of one of her sons. These medical needs led Melanie to Community Therapy Services to treat her child because of their reputation in the area, their dedicated personnel, and their location close to Mill Creek. “I attended all my son’s therapy services and realized that when I was ready to go back to work, this is the place I wanted to work at. I was able to see how passionate the therapists were, how friendly the atmosphere was, and I knew I would get a great sense of satisfaction helping others at CTS.”
     When Melanie decided to go back to work, the first place she turned in her resume was Community Therapy Services. Melanie specializes in voice disorders, vocal training, language delay, social skills groups, articulation therapy, and expressive and receptive language disorders. Melanie also enjoys talking to medical professionals and schools in the community about CTS. “It’s an easy conversation because CTS is easy to talk about. We just need to remind the community that we are here for them when they need us.” With insurance playing such an important role in whether or not a child receives therapy, CTS is proud that they accept many insurance plans and are in-network and credentialed with many local providers. “If your insurance company is not listed in our network, we will gladly work with you on other options we offer. Brenda, our Client Support Specialist, is happy to suggest options that will work best for your family.”
     Also, Community Therapy Services treats the whole family by giving the family resources to carryover what their child learned with their therapists to their home life. “I give my clients homework almost every week because I have seen more success and a faster discharge rate with those clients whose parents work with them at home. I have a close relationship with the parents of my clients and they know they can call me anytime.”
In addition to speech, occupational, and physical therapy, CTS also offers min educational in-services, a developmental play group (Movement Break), social groups, and voice coaching. CTS also has numerous resources for families such as a blog with common questions, information about diagnoses, and ideas for play activities, contacts for various specialists, support groups, financial support resources, and much more.
     CTS offers free developmental screenings for children from 4 months to 5 years of age. If parents have concerns about whether or not their child is developing appropriately, this is a great way to ease their mind. CTS’s experienced therapists can assess your child and if necessary start therapy, or put you in contact with the appropriate medical professional.
     Over the past 35 years CTS has been evolving with the ever changing medical field, but one thing that has not changed is outstanding patient care. CTS is proud to offer hour long sessions with one-on-one time with each child. The therapists are passionate about their clients and their families, and go above and beyond to help each child have the best outcome, and function in all aspects of their life.
[Published in Mill Creek Life, January 2017]